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Free Novels Online and Free Online Cyberbooks

These free novels are books and fictional works presented in their entirety online either as html or a downloadable file; they are available as free online novels from the authors in order to promote their work, seek representation, promote additional work, and/or develop a following. Though these free online novels are of many genres: romance novels, science fiction novels, mysteries, didactic fiction, religious fiction, historical fiction and more, they are not found in the mainstream bookstores. Many of them have been or will eventually be discovered for their entertaining and enlightening value, not always recognized by mainstream publishing until after a following is established.

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The Free Online Novels - Free Fiction

The Dome - Free Online Science Fiction Novel
New Free Novel to Cyberbooks!The Dome is a free science fiction novel by Rex Dewan. David was a overworked student living a mundane life. He wished that something would happen to end the monotony of it all. Little did he know what fate had planned for him. After a Freak accident he is put on ice, and when he wakes everything has changed. Follow David as he unravels the mystery of this new world, while making close friends, bitter enemies, experience romance, monsters, and near death with a story which will keep you guessing and probes deep questions as to the very nature of free will.

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Lethe in Spain, a free online novel.
New Free Novel to Cyberbooks!Lethe in Spain is a free novel placed on the web by Chris Al-Aswad. Lethe Bashar is on study abroad. He moves into an apartment with a sixty-five year old Senora. Within two weeks, he undergoes an extreme form of culture shock. Between quitting classes, falling in love with his Senora's maid (and his psychiatrist), smoking hashish, and meeting a group of native Spaniards, an innocent study abroad program turns to living dangerously.
Lucky in Love - A Free Online Novel
New Free Novel to Cyberbooks! Lucky in Love A free online novel by Cari Hislop. The twenty-six year old Edmund, Earl of Warenne accepts a challenge to win an impossible wager. At the risk of losing his favourite snuff box and being saddled with an ugly wife, Edmund agrees to court a desperate old maid sight unseen and have his honourable marriage proposal rejected in front of witnesses. He knows he'll win; he's lucky as well as thorough. Not really wanting to be saddled with an unpleasant life companion he decides to take extreme measures to ensure that the old maid finds his offer unpalatable. Fate flips its coin. Edmund's natural optimism is put to the test as the coin is caught with tragedy facing upward. Will he be able to see the lucky side of life when he realises that sometimes to win is to lose? This is a complete story that you can read online for free.
The Battle of Rosendawn - A Free Online Novel
The Battle of Rosendawn a free online novel by Siyong Lin. Janelle, a young woman living in our present day society, finds herself unexpectedly transported into a fantasy world based on a book she was reading. Rosendawn, the castle in the book, is being threatened by invaders, and she will be there to witness and even participate in the final battle! As the weeks go by, Janelle finds herself slowly falling in love, but is it even possible for a girl from the modern day age and a character in a fictional novel to have a happy ending together?
Layla One World Warrior - A Free Online Novel
Layla - One World Warrior by Layla Parkin. Who is writing our future? Just when we thought God had finished intervening in our affairs and talking to us through His prophets - Layla appeared. Showing miraculous signs of God-like grandeur, she upsets the equilibrium of the centres of authority and moves humanity, forcibly at times, into a political unity, a federated World Government. Then she disappears. Three years later, in 2048, a technician finds a mysterious digital recording of the life of Layla. Surely now we will get to see the truth about her supernatural abilities and which of her many enemies had a hand in her removal.
Scary Mary - A Free Serial Novel Online for Your Enjoyment
Scary Mary by Windvein is an online novel for teens about a high school girl who hears ghosts. Mary begins her junior year of high school without high expectations. As the resident school freak, she'd just like to be left alone, but Cy Asher, a new student, tries to befriend her. The budding friendship, though, dies when Mary discovers Cy's house is haunted and not by Casper, The Friendly Ghost. Cy refuses to believe Mary when she tells him about the ghost. Mary must work without his help to exorcise the spirit, but luckily, she does get help from her best friend extrodinaire Rachel, her fortune-telling grandmother, and a dead Scottish Terrier named Chowder.
Axiom-man - Another Full-Length Free Online Novel
Oasis This is a free online serial novel by Bryce Beattie. (31 chapters at time of posting) For E.R. nurse, Corbin St. Laurent, it's just another end to an eighteen hour shift. But he won't be going home anytime soon. Terrorists have unleashed a devastating and bizarre virus in a small desert town. Something has knocked out the power grid. The government has quarantined the city, but is not sending aid, and nobody can understand why. Oasis is the ongoing story of Corbin's struggle for survival against the chaos that blankets the city during this bizarre viral outbreak.
Count All This -  Free Online Blog Novel
Count All This by P.C. Fergusson is a free online blog-based novel. This is a story of survival set in the frightening landscape of mental illness and physical disease. Fiery, defiant, startlingly handsome and hyper intelligent, Eddy Kasten's childhood years were full of turmoil and conflict. When Eddy reaches manhood, things change--for the worse. His schizophrenia begins in a men's bathroom at a local junior college and carries him to the deepest recesses of the human mind. In the midst of his descent, his mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. This is a story of love, madness, death, family loyalty and the primal bond between mothers and sons.
Shattered Remnants of a Dream - A Free Online Novel by T.K. Lebeau.
Shattered Remnants of a Dream by Dan Luffey - This free online sci-fi/fantasy/horror epic is updated weekly, with polls, art and forums. The tale spans multiple dimensions, focusing on the superpowered beings that inhabit them, who are capable of utilizing the destructive psychic force known as "psynergy." A world of grotesque wonders, violent battles, and beautiful chaos await, as this story chronicles the end of the universe as we know it.
Axiom-man - Another Full-Length Free Online Novel
Axiom-man by A.P. Fuchs. Gabriel Garrison was visited by a messenger who bestowed upon him great power. Gabriel became Axiom-man, a symbol of hope. A mysterious black cloud appears over the city. An electrifying fear emanates from the cloud and Axiom-man can barely get near it. Almost immediately after the cloud's appearance, a new hero arises, Redsaw. Except something's wrong. That same fear that emanated from the cloud drips off Redsaw like a foul smell and Axiom-man can barely get close to him without feeling ill. What is Redsaw's agenda and who is he? Axiom-man must discover what Redsaw's presence means and how it ties into the messenger's life-altering visit before the city—and the world—are enamored with an evil that has haunted the cosmos since the dawn of Time.
The Black Book - A Tribute Novel based on the works of John D. MacDonald
The Black Book - A Tribute to John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee by Peter Hansen - This free online novel is a tribute to the writings of John D. MacDonald, who passed away before writing the final book in a series based on his character, Travis McGee. McGee, is a wayward bachellor living on his houseboat Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Author Peter Hansen has created what he invisions as the final book. McGee is a righter of wrongs, often found helping beautiful women. This time battling Neo-Nazis in America's NorthWest, he is in trouble. He calls in a marker from an old friend and fellow warrior. Who is the sexy nubile? Where did the money go? Who made the drugs? Can McGee be saved?
Ilusion of Luck -  The Novel is Free Online
Illusion of Luck - Robert Burton Robinson's third free online novel in the Greg Tenorly series. As Greg Tenorly was about to marry the woman of his dreams, he figured he was the luckiest man in the world. Until he got an anonymous phone call warning him about his bride’s shady past. Larry had been lucky all his life. He had everything he could possibly want. Except a publishing contract. So, the fact that his first six mystery novels had been rejected did not dissuade him from starting on book seven. Ironically, he finally found success when he began to publish an online account of his own downward spiral into depravity and murder. Is luck real? Or is it just an illusion? Some people have to find out the hard way.
Dave Didn't Sleep Well  - A Free Online Novel by G R Klein
Dave Didn't Sleep Well - a post modern speculative fiction novel placed free online by GR Klein. A bloke's struggle to overcome his heroin addiction, set in the future when gaming occurs in fully rendered virtual environments. The game is like a life within a life, a fractal that mirrors the nature of the universe. Dave, our hero bungles his way along, dying and re-spawning and dying again, each time passing through his near death experience finally to find redemption.
Dave's World  - A Free Online Novel by Dave Jenvey
Dave’s World- Dave Jenvey's novel is a free online black comedy not recommended for children. Dave Broomfield is a mockery of a human being, but then so is everybody else, eventually the only option is to escape. A man whose Achille's heel is his inability to understand people, hasn’t got a hope. Unfortunately that’s Dave’s insurmountable hurdle throughout his life. Follow the physical and metaphysical misery that is his existence. Watch one crushing failure after another, and then even the rare successes mutate into yet more failure in his stupid little world.
Gone With The Trash - A Free Online Novel by T.K. Lebeau.
Gone With The Trash Is a free online humorous sci-fi parody by Patrick Lussier & Brad Rines. Is it possible for a pair of unwitting garbage men to save an entire galaxy? The Interstellar Detritus Reclamation Company is losing garbage scows at an alarming rate. A ruthless terrorist organization is wreaking havoc across the galaxy. Gladius Slate, long-time Company operative and dedicated employee, stumbles upon a clue to the disappearing garbage vessels, and possibly a link to the terrorists. Reluctantly reunited with a former co-pilot and desperate to pass off the dangerous mission to higher authorities, he is pressured by the Company and the Union to sit tight and wait for help. Conflicted by duty, honor and self-preservation, Slate is forced to press on in the face of uncertain odds.
The Crystal Skull - A Free Online Novel by T.K. Lebeau.
The Crystal Skull: Destiny's Courier a novel by T.K. Lebeau. When Eddie Stevenson, third generation evangelist, sets about his duty to bring a mass murderer back to God, he finds himself embroiled in a mystery centered around an ancient carved crystal skull. The events set in motion following the discovery of this artifact will lead him to question every philosophy upon which his faith is based. This is Eddie's story of finding himself. Taking place on every continent and throughout a period of time that began with the expression of the first thought, this book reminds us of our true heritage and interconnectedness with other members of the human race. It reminds us of our responsibility for self and self's thoughts, actions and behaviors.

The Me Clone - One of the Free Online SF Novels
The Me Clone / La Mi-Klono by Gene Keyes is a free online s-f romantic comedy, a novel with adjoining English and Esperanto versions. How would you like a clone of yourself? More than a twin— mind; memory; ego; everything: a complete spare copy. An old Harvard classmate, now a bio-tech celebrity, makes an offhand offer at a party to clone Donald North, an obscure part-time 46 year old, history professor. Two weeks later, he introduces Donald to himself. We meet quite an odd couple in The Me Clone. Donald North learns more about himself than he wanted to know. But he also relearns some ancient truths about the self.
You Bet Your Skin one of the Free Novel Onlines by Floyd Flanagan
You Bet Your Skin is one of the free online novels by Floyd Flanagan. When it comes to crafting violence, video game designer Vinny Vanilla is at the top of his craft. Cocooned in his virtual world of work, he is secure and content, but when it comes to dealing with reality he's running on the ragged edge. In spite of this, Vinny's an optimist. His latest creation, Hammerman - Blood Warrior, is topping the gaming charts and Stalking Justice - The Ultimate Game of Getting Even, will take gamers where they've never gone before -- if he can just find time to fix the skewing errors.
Pebble Beach - One of the Free Online Novels
Pebble Beach, a free online blog novel by James G. Mason, is a drama, a romance, a thriller, a sexual explorative work, a true to detail historical novel and a collection of vignettes. The story is based on true characters and much of the fiction is drawn from real life situations. Follow and immerse in the migration of a broken family away from rural life and corruption, to a new life in California, where nothing changes but everything is not the same. Feel the roots of an economically divided coastal community as it's characters grow and love, fight and steal, repent and die.
Empire  - One of the Free Online Novels
Empire by David Dunwoody, a free serialized novel online, is the story of Jefferson Harbor, Louisiana, a town still clinging to life one century after the outbreak of a zombie plague. As the vestigal U.S. government withdraws all aid, and the Harbor's survivors learn of the dead's unexpected abilities - and allies - a none-too-pleased Grim Reaper arrives to deal with the monsters that have defied his touch.
Eye of the Ocean - A free novel online.
Eye of the Ocean (Ri, Alism, & Ji'jin Station)-- A sci-fi / fantasy novel trilogy by Laurel Hickey. Thirty-five years ago, the Empress Cassa did 'something' and turned a good chuck of the palace - and herself - to granite. Of course, nobody thinks she's really dead. And nobody thinks she's still quite human either. The problem? The transformation into granite didn't stop with the palace. Empire is in danger of being destroyed. Meet Ulanda, a young woman born and trained to be a 'safe' replacement for the Empress, allowing Cassa the freedom she wanted while saving the Empire from destruction. And meet Garm, Cassa's lover who never stopped loving her - or waiting for her to come back. And she has come back. You'll find it free online.
Warren Grubber's Guts - One of our free online novels by S.G. Swain
Warren Grubber's Guts is one of the free online novels by S.G. Swain. "My name is , I'm fourteen years old, and I burned down the Kingdom Hall." Thus begins the story of Warren Grubber, the son of a hard drinking father and a devout Jehovah's Witness mother, who insists that Warren, too, be a "proper" Witness. Warren of course has other ideas. The story takes place during the first week of June, 1975. A fervent belief of the Jehovah's Witnesses at that time was that the entire world would shortly be destroyed in the great Battle of Armageddon in October, 1975 -- a "truth" that young Warren is struggling to accept.
Another free novel online: Autonomous Operation
Autonomous Operation is one of the free sci-fi novels placed online by Phil Bradley. Terrorists intent on setting ablaze the south Caucasus, and destroying their vital oilfields, infiltrate across remote mountains from Iran. Delisle Jackson, an American Special Forces soldier, is reluctantly drawn into a plan to stop them by deploying experimental weapons capable of autonomous operation and intelligence gathering. He must then recover one of the weapons after it malfunctions and is taken by Farid Razmara, a Captain in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Both men find themselves in a fight for their lives against lethal machines in a graphic vision of the future of small unit warfare.
Bicycle Shop Murder  - A Free Novel Online Serialized

Bicycle Shop Murder by Robert Burton Robinson is one of the free online novels. It tells the story of Greg Tenorly, who is selected as a juror for a murder trial in a small East Texas town. Buford Bellowin, a high-powered Dallas attorney, has his sites set on the Governor's Mansion. But, the outcome of this trial could reveal a horrible secret that would destroy his plans. So, he uses a beautiful redhead to manipulate Greg Tenorly to sway the jury, and deliver the verdict Buford must have. But, after two mysterious deaths, Greg realizes that his life is in danger. But, who can he trust? NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK!

Final Transmission is a free online novel by Robert S. Wilcox
Final Transmission one of our free novels placed online by Robert S. Wilcox - Desperate to find a way to reconnect with his dead wife, Jackson Wright has discovered a signal that emanates from the brain at death-----a Final Transmission. With the help of Dr. Christopher Merritt, Wright works to secretly record this transmission in the midst of conflict with those determined to shut him down. Yet, Wright's worst enemy dwells within his own mind. He is plagued by constant nightmares warning him to cease the experiments. Is his own subconscious simply playing tricks on him, or is there something more sinister involved?
My Name is Jeff  - A Free Online Novel
My Name Is Jeff by A. Sandleman is a free novel online. Jeff Feingold is an 8th grader at Faircrest Middle School. He is a smart person but a bad student, prone to daydreaming or falling asleep in class. Almost all of the teachers and students think he's an idiot, but he's actually just misunderstood. Through a series of unlikely events, he manages to hook up with the prettiest girl in the school, who it turns out, shares his religious beliefs (or rather, his lack thereof). When the news reaches the rest of the student body that the two of them are an item, nobody is sure how to react. Will it raise his status, or bring her's down?
Hideway Hospital Murders - A free online novel in a fiction seriesl by Greg Tenorly
Hideaway Hospital Murders by Robert Burton Robinson, is another free online novel in the Greg Tenorly Mystery Series, following a successful first printing of The Bicycleshop Murders. Discription: After one of his piano students goes missing and is later found murdered, Greg Tenorly and his new girlfriend, Cynthia Blockerman decide to look into it. The stakes go up when Cynthia?s mother disappears. Dr. L. Ralph Mobley lives on a huge estate just outside of town. After his mother is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he swears he will do whatever it takes to find a cure. So, he sets up a lab in the massive basement that had been closed off for decades. And he works around the clock with the help of his girlfriend and her sister. But what horrible secrets are hidden in the eerie underground? And how well does the doctor really know the beautiful young sisters? ALSO AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK!
A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer - A Free Online Novel
A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer A free online inspirational novel by Jack Zavada is set on the Kansas frontier in 1886. The story is about a struggling single mother, Gretchen Norgard about to lose her cafe to the town's ruthless businessman. A down-on-his-luck cowboy, Pete Beckworth, steps in to help her. Can they stop this businessman from destroying Gretchen's only source of income, and killing Pete in the process? Zavada, the author of four published paperback western novels, weaves a romantic, suspense-filled story that contains a surprising reminder of what truly matters at Christmas.
Grotesque, A Gothic Epic - Free Online Novel
Grotesque, A Gothic Epic -- A Fully Illustrated Online by Novel. G. E. Graven is now available online. This historical epic adventure unfolds in the Late Middle Ages. Squire Lazarus Gogu is a winged grotesque who is thrown into the hostile world of pious men who would kill him and the fallen angels who are bent on escaping Hell. Under seemingly impossible circumstances, Lazarus must fight to stay alive, keep his faith, and stop the unfolding of a medieval Armageddon. Lazarus learns that there is much more to life than eternity as he struggles with his faith, his life choices, and his true identity.
Generation of Zombies - Free Online Novel
Generation of Zombies -- is a novel written in the Winter of 2004-5 by Brooklyn Polytechnic University computer science students Franz Corvus and Jack Defessus. The novel entails their personal adventures of madness, fear and loathing and also serves as a hard boiled journalistic view of the cultureless disease that has begun to permeate college life in these early years of the 21st Century and how young adults, thrown into urban chaos, cope.
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Worlds Apart - One of our Free Novels Online
Worlds Apart Worlds Apart is a fine example of a free on-line science fiction novel by James Wittenbach. Two thousand years after the fall of the Galactic Commonwealth, the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus and her eccentric crew seek to re-discover humanity's lost colonies. But every world they discover has charted its own course for two millennia, and each one has evolved a different version of human civilization. The Worlds-Apart stories reimagine classic science fiction themes with a quirky style and a cast that includes a smart-mouthed cat, a boy-crazy Artifical Intelligence, a warrior-artist, and a sardonic ghost.
Isildur - A free online novel.
Isildur -- by Brian K. Crawford. If you really enjoyed Professor J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, Isildur may be for you. Just as Lord of the Rings told the story of the war that ended the Third Age, Isildur tells of the conflict that brought to an end the Second Age. TheWhite Fleet of Lindon battle the Corsairs of Umbar in a mighty naval battle! An entire nation is doomed to continue as undead until their oath is fulfilled. You'll learn the origin of The Mouth of Sauron, the Dark Lord's eldritch spokesman and how the Ring came to be lost so that it would be found again by Gollum.
Free Online Novel, Nan Ya
Nan Ya -- by E. C. Patterson is set in 12th Century China; however, life among the courtly set is spread over a wide canvas of events in war and peace; and covers a wide range of thematic material from basic human instinct, control and power, sexuality and loyalty. The work tracks the life of Li K'ai-men, a scholar-official from his earliest post to his Imperial assignment to his exile in old age.

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The Atraville College Incident by Bruce Meyer is a free online serial. Dr. Greta Gero sought the grand prize of physics: grand unification of all the forces of nature. In 2042, she achieved her goal, and became the first human being to peer into a new dimension. The experiment had a side affect, however. A terrible side affect. In opening the Gero dimension, as it was named, she unleashed an energy more powerful and horrifying than any the world has known. This is the story of two professors at Atraville College in 2051; one who believes the Gero Energy is a powerful new energy to save the world from its crisis, and another who believes it is a dark force that will destroy the world. Time is just another dimension; dark energy is not bound by time, which means what happens at Atraville College in the year 2051 can affect you now...
A Bird Named Enza - A free online novel.
A Bird Named Enza-- is a new free online novel by Dawn Meier. A childhood chant heard on the playgrounds throughout America during the Influenza of 1918: "I had a little bird, Its name was Enza. I opened up the window, and in flew enza." To this day, the influenza "virus" of 1918 remains a mystery. It spread with alarming speed across the country and after it ran its deadly course, the epidemic had taken more than 30 million worldwide. This free online novel, set during the 1918 pandemic, tells the story of one man and his inability to save his family and town from the tentacles of this deadly and unstoppable disease
Bound By Love, one of the free online novels by Suprina Frazier
Bound by Love-- by Suprina Frazier is another of the free online novels. It was love at first sight for Graham and Sheree. He was a handyman coming to fix a dental student’s apartment sink when amour unexpectedly buds between them. Never had a love affair blossomed faster or been more fervent. Just when their happiness seems endless, everything, including their young marriage, comes to an abrupt end when her wealthy father interferes. Tempers flare, pride swells, and soon Graham and Sheree’s union is no more. Years later a family crisis plunges them back into each other’s lives. Seeing Graham again stirs up old, intense feelings within Sheree. But her hopes of reconciliation are dashed when she learns that he’s engaged to a very beautiful woman who has no intention of letting him go. Now what will Sheree do with this massive love void that only Graham can fill?
Autumn, By David Moody is a Novel Free Online
Autumn-- by David Moody, is a free dark horror novel set in a world torn apart by disease. A small group of desperate survivors struggle to make sense of the remains of their shattered world. In less than a day each one of them loses everything that ever meant anything to them. How do you keep moving forward when there doesn't seem to be anything left to move forward for? Why should they even try? All of Moody's novels (there are several) tell the stories of ordinary people who find themselves trapped in extraordinary situations through no fault of their own. By emphasizing the normality of the lead characters the books appeal to a surprisingly wide audience. By removing the comfort and familiarity of their day-to-day existence, the characters are forced to look inwardly for the answers to the most difficult of questions.
The Promise For Planet AR3 is a Free Sci-Fi Romance Novel Online
The Promise For Planet AR3 -- a free online novel by T.C. Newman. Newspaper reporter Jenny Zarrett meets with a young woman, Trenae Lafayette. Trenae reveals a disturbing account of her association with a corrupt Governor, a Governor linked to the mob. Running from this life threatening situation, with no where to turn, Trenae ultimately encounters an alien being from another planet. But what Jenny must now determine- is Trenae telling the truth, and if so, what exactly did this alien being really want from Trenae?
Snow Angels one of two Free Novels Online
Snow Angels-- by Barbara W. Klaser, author of Shadows Fall.Snow Angels is a revision of the author's first free online novel, Threads of Desire, and at that time strictly a romance, it was revised at the request of a New York editor and again, to produce the finished romantic mystery you find here. It is offered here as an ebook or html, to read and share, but a donation is encouraged. The main character, Tess Hunter plans a surprise visit to her hometown in the Sierra Nevada to see her estranged family, to somehow break through their wall of silence. Tess has just finalized her plans when a van skids off a snowy mountain road. . . . Tess returns home to bury her dead family. There an old flame rekindles, promising the warmth of a winter romance, while Tess begins to suspect her family was murdered.
Entropy Increases another a Free Novel Online
Entropy Increases-- by Mike Drabble. Chris Cameron is a man in his early twenties who has suffered a tragedy. To survive he's had to forget and block this trauma, but the events of the present conspire to bring it back into sharp focus. How will he handle this? Will he finally confront his no longer secret past, coming to terms with it, or run as he always has, letting it finally overwhelm him? Entropy Increases is written in a unique form, as a stream of consciousness, giving only the main character's thoughts and conversations.
Free Online Novel, Dorom, by Chris Bertrand
Dorom -- is an imaginative free online novel by Chris Bertrand centered around religion, which may offend anyone with strong conventional beliefs. This is the heroic story of two angels and their quest for truth and belonging. They face opposition in the form of tradition, nature, politics, and the supernatural. It's a Wizard of Oz type story for an existential free-thinking audience. If you're an English major or English teacher and you're looking for something that will drive you insane then give it a read.
Free Novel Muffled Sounds by Diana Durbin
Muffled Sounds-- by Diana Durbin, is one of the mysterious free online novels, with spirituality and reincarnation as its underlying themes. The main character, Felix's life makes perfect sense, at least to himself... then another world begins to seep in around him, consuming him until he almost drowns. In the end, he is left with no choice but to confront it and find out for himself which of his two worlds is real.
Fulcrum Shift is one of our Free Online Novels
Fulcrum Shift-- by Will Kalif, is a free fantasy novel filled with dark terror, mythical creatures, and pulse-pounding, sword-wielding action. The Fulcrum is a magical stone with tremendous power. The evil Lord Balther has unearthed it and he is using its power to twist men and the earth into unnatural ruin. The only thing that can stop Balther's evil plan is Viss and his small band of companions. Travel with Viss as he discovers the unique power that each nexus stone possesses, and uncovers the secrets of his own forgotten past.
Dopple Ganger is a Free Novel Online
Doppelgaenger-- a free online novel by Henry T. Smith. Monty had a double to deceive the Germans. For British Prime Minister Winston Churchill's convenience, an actor performed radio broadcasts of some of his best remembered speeches. Great leaders find their own solutions to the problem of having to be in two places simultaneously. Adolf Hitler, Führer of Germany, employed a whole zodiac of Doppelgänger from dire necessity. Both the Allies and his own generals kept trying to kill him. By the summer of 1944, Adolf Hitler was dying slowly. Doubles took his place when illness as well as convenience ruled out a personal public appearance. Dr. Rolf Marzius was keeping him alive. This is the story of the men of the Reichssicherheitsdienst, the doubles, and the doctor, who moved in the highest government and military circles as they carried out their principal duty: preserving Adolf Hitler's life, knowing that the price of both success and failure could be their own death.
Dreamers of the Day - Another of our Free Novels Online
Dreamers Of The Day-- a free novel online by Jon A. Gored is a collision of the Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle with lots of money and even more weirdness. Musician Pete Astor writes a number which is so good that it gets fired off a tour and out of his band. His recording company is worried about being sued by the grasping relatives of impressionable people who take his brand of Black Magic Rock too seriously. Astor has allies, however. One of them provides material support for his schemes to go his own way and create trouble, the rest are more than willing to join in the trouble-making. But on that front, there are people with their own agendas, who are eager to make trouble for Pete Astor. This is a big book [500+ pages] with a whole lot happening in it. And it's wrapped around a whole philosophy of life.
MDB - A Free Novel Online
MDB-- free and online by Romiley Literary Circle's is and historical story of the 1999 bombing of the Millennium Dome and its aftermath. Still growing long after everyone had thought that the saga had reached a natural conclusion. WILL THIS STORY EVER GO AWAY? Maybe you should check it out while its still online for free.

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One Night in Ghadames-- by Charles Hosford, is about the strange happenings one night on a John Wayne movie shot on location in Libya in 1957, Legend of the Lost. Members of the cast include Sophia Loren, Rossano Brazzi, Omar the talking camel, King Idris al-Senussi the first (and last), the holy beat trinity of Kerouac, Burroughs, and Ginsberg, a young Muammar Ghadafi, Drinkwine, and a CIA agent suffering from multiple personalities thanks in large part to his experiments with LSD.

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My Name's Jack-- one of the free online novels by Charles Cripps, of the Nassau County Writers and Poets Society. Jack Robinson Able, an abused teenager, runs away to find a home, adventure, and romance on a tall ship at sea in the modern day Caribbean. The free online novel includes a hair raising encounter with modern day pirates.

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Sugarloaf Mountain-- a novel free online by Frits Kruithof is set in Australia. A small town perched high on a mountain range has become the perfect hideout for an organized gang of career hoodlems. This is hardly a fitting place for a respectable woman to raise her nine-year-old son but it is a place where interesting things happen often and character molding experiences are impossible to avoid.

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Child of Wonder-- is a novel by Italian-American author and educator Raphael Ferraro, is a poignant narrative about a young boy whose unfortunate circumstances of birth and odd appearance mark him as an object of ridicule and scorn. The action of this inspiring story focuses on the extraordinary adventures and the mystical experiences of this sensitive young Italian whose prayers and faith both sustain him and transform him on his unique spiritual journey through Southern Italy. Blended into the narrative are the fascinating folkways and beliefs of the region. You'll find it free online.

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Patina and the Fallen Angels-- placed online, free by Frits Kruitof, is a novel psychological love story set in Australia during the Vietnam-hippy era, delineating a spiritual conflict between love and pride. It features a folie-a-deux romance between an intellectually-gifted, introvert couple. The many dream sequences form a fantastic montage of romantic claustrophobia, neurotic pride and anti-intellectual pogroms.

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America's Guts-- is Tiller James' humorous free online novel about the hijacking of a jetliner in the Middle East. A stewardess aboard the plane is the president's daughter. In an attempt to recover the hostages from the Muslim radical sect, the U.S. Air Force launches a bizarre mission: bombing the kidnappers with pig guts.

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The Pulling Moon-- Heidi Wyss' epic free science fiction novel. 7000 years into the future, a 14 year old linguist is suddenly thrust into the highest corridors of power and influence. Told from the perspective of a meticulous and perceptive historian several thousand years later, it's the story of how, even with people laying quietly immense expectations on your back, what really matters is how your best girlfriend is going to treat you when you go out raving later that night.

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Starcruiser Chronicles-- By Graham Watson is a series of six online novels based upon a space ship lost after a battle and found decades later after construction begins on a new lunar base. Each is designed to be read in about an hour like a TV series.

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Setisia-- By R. L. Salisbury. Tellimakis is from a small community completely isolated from the rest of humanity by distance and the natural barrier of a great mountain range. History tells how his ancestors escaped from a country on the other side of this barrier during a time of great strife. Consumed with curiosity as to the fate of this great civilization left behind, Tellimakis sets off on a journey of discovery, encountering many surprises, not least amongst them, the wonderful 'Setisia'.

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The Salvaged Autobiographical Accounts Of Clyde P. Hipwing -- by Scott C. Endsley took six years to produce, (20+ rewrites.) Bordering on the ridiculous sometimes and just short of being totally silly, the free novel is filled with lots of colorful people, such as Clyde P. Hipwing-- the protagonist of the story, also a manic -depressive author. It pokes fun at everything from politics to Elvis.

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Wicker Park Dog -- By James Z. O'Connor. Back in the early 90's, the Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago was the artistic center of indie rock, jazz, experimental dance, theatre, and poetry. Wicker Park Dog is a free online novel of those tumultuous days. It is the journal of young writer, living on the artistic fringe, hustling for cash, working odd jobs, and desperately trying to stave off depression. Free Online.

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Men A Free Gay Novel-- online By R. Laing. When sports star Michael Carr returns to his home town an old flame is reignited in Chance Brandt. Is Romance brewing? With the assistance of his best friend (A former male escort) maybe he can get that man on an exotic vacation.

Fifth World - Free Fiction Online Novel

Fifth World-- A free online novel by Marya Moryevna Wolfman. Global warming threatens to destroy the world. Ecologist Meredith Markey sets out on a vision quest through five mythical worlds seeking wisdom of the ancient Anasazi to heal Mother Earth's painful wounds and shield her from Father Sun's burning rays.

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The Undivided -- This is a well put together on-line sci-fi novel by Colin Woodcock. A brilliant scientist invents a teleportation device - like they use in Star Trek: beam me up Scotty and all that. The theory of teleportation is simple: break up an object into the tiniest of bits, transmit an exact description of those bits to the destination and then reassemble the object from this information when it gets there. Now imagine what happens if you transmit the information to two places instead of one. What do you get? A duplication device. Now imagine that the whole process costs nothing, because the energy required of it can be derived from any matter - rocks, dirt, air even. Imagine that the device itself can also be duplicated in this way, making it free to own. Imagine that every house on the planet has one. Imagine that. What would happen to society then?

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Enemy Coast Ahead -- One of our free online novels by Jay Brenner. It is a tale of aviation like no other, featuring sex, drugs and insanity. Not to mention a few aeroplanes.

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The Buldancer Trilogy -- by David P. Williams. (under construction) Three novels of Middle Earth, in Third Age 1940, one thousand years before Bilbo's adventure. The first two books are in progress, "THE SHIRE ARCHERS" and "THE RESCUE OF ARNELEG" The free novels are a test of the authors ability to to respect and adhere to the parameters imposed by Tolkien's world and it's legends.

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The Secret Thoughts of Samuel Wimbush -- Humorous and heroic tales of Samuel Wimbush - urban desk-pilot extraordinaire, by Tom Clipper.

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Metafire Or, How the Internet Enables Space Colonization in 2004 by Robert Thibadeau-- An extreme free online science fiction novel only for the Internet. A world in panic An extremist group And a cause unstoppable Only one woman can end it all. Includes rich use of software that implements plot elements.

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The Demon in the Chain -- A free children's novel by Nick Sullivan

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Shakedown -- A free online short novel by Nanook of the Nashwaak, an adventure set in the not-so-old West.

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Bump In The Night -- by David Leblond. Connie Richardson never believed in ghosts, until one started haunting her. Now she must unravel the mystery behind the ghost to save her own life.You'll find it completely free online.

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The Magic Life - A Novel Philosophy -- A motivational novel about living life to your own expectations, by Ace Starry. Finalist in the 1998 Hemingway First Novel Competition. Once on the Hot 100 list!

This Cyber-Book was published free on-line in 1995.

New to Cyberbooks!NOW also published in Japanese by Fuso Publishing!

James Carpenter, is living his life trapped in a strait-jacket. An accountant by profession, he has done well by it. However, like many, he is learning the hard way that having all the toys doesn't necessarily bring happiness. James is living in a mediocre state of discontent, but that is about to change. After a disturbing nightmare, he meets a mysterious magical mentor named, "Maximillion Vi." Max uses his power of illusion to create a world in which James will either learn to overcome his nightmare or die.

The book reveals the plot (both mystery and love story) while teaching a novel philosophy of life to the readers much like The Way of the Peaceful Warrior or The Celestine Prophecy. It also reveals many other profound secrets to help us discover who we are, what we are capable of and how to live life to the fullest. It is almost spiritual in nature and borders on the metaphysical at times, teaching a philosophy rooted in Eastern religion, but not blatantly religious. This book deals strongly with the power of coincidence. If you believe there is a reason for life, you should read this book. It is about how "living life" is the answer to the question of life. It is about discovering not just who we are and what we are capable of, but most importantly, why we are? For More Info and To Order


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