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These include chapters or stories being added online on a regular basis.

Free Onlne Novel - DoTC
Dawn of the Convert - is a progressive updating free science fiction novel by Sam Haddad. Here is the synopsis: The human race has fanned out and now inhabits more than three thousand different planets. The four main factions included the United Alliance, the Yuctafarian Common Trade, the Belsatran Legion, and the Kratyn Empire. Once the factions were establish they all went their separate ways. In this new age one faction has grown greedy. It desires more planets and territory than any other. The Yuctafarians have attack several United Alliance colonies. The war rages to this day. Follow Basiry Selivis and Yevoh Sanders in their fight to suvive. Simple men will learn that even their right to live must be earned.
Serialized - Free Online Novel
New to Cyberbooks!World of Ashedin-- -- by Mike Coville, A fantasy novel being published one chapter at a time. The current story is of a young man named Armyo that has excelled at his profession; of course this has delivered him a dangerous mission. His job is that of a postman and his assignment is to deliver a mysterious package to the other side of the kingdom. Join Armyo as he journeys across a continent and you may just discover more about the World of Ashedin.
New to Cyberbooks!Destined-- by Flik, has a new chapter released every two weeks. (begining 3/28/2005) Tylor Sabre wakes up one morning to find that his village has been destroyed and his father has disappeared in the night. Leaving his backwater island he visits the mainland for the first time in his life and soon discovers that a linage passed down the generations in his family from father to son has put his life in danger as a viscious assassin chases him tirelessly. He encounters a dark world far removed from his comfortable life filled with war, magic, monsters and adventure.
Orange Fever-- Guy Brighton, describes this serialized novel as "A British Guy meets US Girl type story with touch of zest and a crazy boom." He has promised to publish a chapter every two weeks starting 05/07/2004. Guy moved to New York from London in Summer 2003 to seek work and new experience. He also maintains an interesting blog that is a tongue-in-cheek online diary of "this Brit's trials and tribulations" living in NYC.
Honest John Churchfield-- written by Michael Dell, illustrated by Jason Lyman The page does have multiple reading selections, and seems to require signing up for a subscription, but here is what they've written about this particular serial."With an intellect as sharp as his right cross, “Honest” John Churchfield is one of the great detectives of 19th-century London. Some would argue the greatest. Unfortunately, Sherlock Holmes casts an enormous shadow. While the public at large may not know his story, criminals fear the name Honest John."
State Kid-- By George Pollock is being published in short weekly installments. Part memoir, part adventure story, part excursions in English, part literary journey, "State Kid" presents a new kind of young hero: literate, a quick study, unwilling to be a victim, and too smart to challenge adult power in the usual self-defeating ways. "State Kid" is about a kid's search for family. But it is also a story about the power of reading and writing in a setting about as far away from a traditional classroom as one can get: a juvenile prison.

Christopher Ford, Amateur Paranormalist-- ~Steve-o's on-going tale of Christopher Ford on his search for such mythical things as ghosts, vampires, and parking in San Francisco. I read the first chapter and it was gripping (in a bloodsucking sort of way.) It's pop-culture humor with a horror aftertaste.

Xai - Tales of the Crossworld-- (finished and now available only by request) Steven Savage's original, continuing science-fiction/romance-- some with adult content. Interesting character art and fascinating stories surrounding the lives of an odd couple: Huan-Jen and Jade. On an "Earth-between-Earths" of Xai, The Crossworld, Savage explores the philosohpical issues and the relationship between a Taoist Magician-Priest and his apprentice/lover/assistant.

SHADOW OF THE SERPENT -- A Coyote Moon Story-- With a blend of myth and mysticism, James Joseph, weaves a tale of the nomadic people of prehistoric North America and their struggle for dominance. Capturing the American Indian at his finest, this is an action-packed adventure of an ancient clan facing a civilization with fantastic powers. It is a novel of Native American culture of years ago that speaks to the moral and ethical dilemmas we are challenged with today. More chapters are coming on line each week.

Abaddon..Space Gypsy Science Fiction (in progress -- one chapter per month) -- by Mary Titus. An original science fiction narrative written expressly for the Internet. Humorous style of title character is belied by graphics and midi files. (Slow Loading, visitors be warned.) Story is of a former Space Warrior turned feral Space Gypsy running from a kill or be killed philosophy of war and unrequited love.

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The Magic Life - A Novel Philosophy-- A motivational novel about living life to your own expectations, by Ace Starry. Finalist in the 1998 Hemingway First Novel Competition.

James Carpenter, is living his life trapped in a strait-jacket. An accountant by profession, he has done well by it. However, like many, he is learning the hard way that the security of having all the toys doesn't necessarily bring happiness. James is living in a mediocre state of discontent, but that is about to change. After a disturbing nightmare, he meets a mysterious magical mentor named, "Maximillion Vi." Max uses his power of illusion to create a world in which James will either learn to overcome his nightmare or die.

The book reveals the plot (both mystery and love story) while teaching a philosophy of life to the readers much like The Way of the Peaceful Warrior or The Celestine Prophecy. It also reveals many other profound secrets to help us discover who we are, what we are capable of and how to live life to the fullest. It is almost spiritual in nature and borders on the metaphysical at times, teaching a philosophy rooted in Eastern religion, but not blatantly religious. This book deals strongly with the power of coincidence. If you believe there is a reason for life, you should read this book. It is about how "living life" is the answer to the question of life. It is about discovering not just who we are and what we are capable of, but most importantly, why we are? For More Info and To Order


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