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New to Cyberbooks!A Nation Of Friends-- This free online book tells the story of Nikole Krause who in 1998 walked solo from Virginia to California - perhaps, the youngest woman ever to have done such a thing. This first person narative tells her tale from Charlottesville to Needles, as she met countless new friends along the way. Every day was a new adventure and she felt grateful for every smiling face along her journey.
New to Cyberbooks!Stories of the Street - The Memoirs of Brian Crawford from the Free Online Novelist who gave us Isildur, comes this free cyber book. Crawford draws upon his rather vivid memories of life in the 60's, (vivid in spite of being a self-proclaimed Hippie.) His memoirs include working on a pirate freighter in the North Atlantic, sailing a nuclear protest yacht across the South Pacific, five days in a mental hospital, thanks to a drug bust, an urban commune in the wilds of Fort Worth, the Summer of Love in the Haight, and the Great Peyote Hunt of 1968.
Agenda X: What Generation X needs to Achieve by Chris Schmidt. Generation X needs a fresh direction, and challenges commensurate with it's ability. This text outlines what the author believes needs to be done to take America to the next level Schmidt gives us 15 points that he believes Generation X needs to address, to make the American Lifestyle and experience the best in the world. The author gives Generation X a long-term vision for Americans to start taking care of each other. Based on the insight of Alexander von Humboldt, Schmitd states that the environment determines what dominates. In his words we need to define our environment, to make sure that self-service doesn't dominate (“Takers and Grabbers” don't dominate), but rather that we as a populous are served best when (“Public Service”, “Greatest Good” is championed ).
The Ithon by Rachel Anderson, is a relatively small book of just over a hundred pages, delivered via pdf format to the reader. Written in a stanza like format, in small sections, it might be interpreted as a stream of consciousness. Within those pages you will find a wide range of topics all bound by the central themes of reason and unselfishness. Central to those two themes is the proposition that the current systems of government and religion have proven themselves inadequate. Anderson contends that the Ithon may provide a correction of these deficiencies.
32 KEYS A Collection of Ideas About Life by Ken McIsaac. 32 Keys summarizes basic popular self-help ideas as a concise sampling of quotations for those of us who are too busy to read all the motivationa books, like mine, from end to end. It is classified into 32 basic ideas on the subject of improving the quality of life. Unless you are completely satisfied with things just as they are, the author bets that you will become a devoted self-help reader. Topics include happiness, worry, self-esteem, stress.
Philosophical Reflections by Dr.Abdul Lathief, is an analysis of Western and Eastern Philosophy, Mysticism, Religions, Modern Physics and Psychology.
Marriage and Divorce of Astronomy and Astrology is Gordon Fisher's book length work on history of relations between astronomy and astrology from ancient times to Newton.
Reflection By Dennis Merritt. Reflection is a book about using an ancient idea to understand life's seemingly random jumble of joy and pain. Stories of modern life, work, and relationships illustrate the idea.
The Ultimate Philosophy By Jon Will. Without a plan, happenstance determines destination. Instead of leaving its fate up to chance, the author believes that humanity should select its own destination though a plan or philosophy. Utopia, the ultimate philosophy of striving for the best life possible for everyone, can be one global element of common sense and common purpose in an otherwise complex and fragmented world. Utopian philosophy can be the goal that unites the world for good and noble actions. This web site has a modern day trilogy on how the author believes humanity can achieve Utopia.
Is Interstellar Travel Possible? Not by the powers of physics, according to this book. The author claims that UFOs jump hundreds of lightyears in an instant, using teleportation, and move silently along by levitation. - By Dr. H.
A Science of Civilization- By Dr. Humph is an original approach to social problems, which are analyzed into instances or consequences of social ideals, which are tested by social experiments, such as Prohibition or the Soviet experiment in Communism.
Evidence of Mind and Soul - by Dr. H. The Society for Psychical Research has existed for over a century, yet its conclusions have never been accepted in mainstream science. The author explains this cultural anomaly, and puts forward seven studies of Psi phenomena which meet all the requirements of scientific method.
The Secret Guide to Computers-Computer experts worldwide have praised this computer book for being the best ever written, the key that unlocks the darkest secrets and cuts through the crap. It’s the only book rated "best" & quote; by ALL popular computer magazines, the only book covering all computer topics, the only book making even the stickiest computer topics smooth, and the only available book whose author is foolish enough to give you his home phone number. This is quite an on-line treasure by Russ Walter.

Something Different

The Riddle of the IBM PC -- By Sanjay Kanade. Here is a first-of-its-kind "armchair detective" story related to computers and programming. The story is set in a time when IBM 386 PCs were around. A group of techies try to solve interesting computer related problems by deduction and reasoning. You probably have to be a computer geek, like me, to understand this one.

The Screwdisk E-Mail-- By WS Mendler. It has been fifty years since CS Lewis published his spiritual classic The Screwtape Letters. This work purports to be the correspondence sent by Screwtape, a senior devil, to his nephew Wormwood concerning the proper methods for leading a soul astray. Much has changed since those days, and much is new, the present work seeks to bring Lewis' timeless theme into this time.

A Little Bit of Heart -- Shens Teahouse -- Issues of culture in the East and West from a woman's point of view including; communication, zen, food, sex, fortune telling, medicine, men and women.

Auto Romance Novel Generator -- You create a short one page novel automatically. Good for a laugh.

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The Magic Life - A Novel Philosophy-- A motivational novel about living life to your own expectations, by Ace Starry. Finalist in the 1998 Hemingway First Novel Competition.

James Carpenter, is living his life trapped in a strait-jacket. An accountant by profession, he has done well by it. However, like many, he is learning the hard way that the security of having all the toys doesn't necessarily bring happiness. James is living in a mediocre state of discontent, but that is about to change. After a disturbing nightmare, he meets a mysterious magical mentor named, "Maximillion Vi." Max uses his power of illusion to create a world in which James will either learn to overcome his nightmare or die.

The book reveals the plot (both mystery and love story) while teaching a philosophy of life to the readers much like The Way of the Peaceful Warrior or The Celestine Prophecy. It also reveals many other profound secrets to help us discover who we are, what we are capable of and how to live life to the fullest. It is almost spiritual in nature and borders on the metaphysical at times, teaching a philosophy rooted in Eastern religion, but not blatantly religious. This book deals strongly with the power of coincidence. If you believe there is a reason for life, you should read this book. It is about how "living life" is the answer to the question of life. It is about discovering not just who we are and what we are capable of, but most importantly, why we are? For More Info and To Order


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