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The Circle of Ceridwen Trilogy - Free Online

Octavia Randolph

New to Cyberbooks!The Circle of Ceridwen Trilogy Three free novels set in the year 871. Of seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, five have fallen to the invading Vikings. Across this war-torn landscape travels fifteen year old Ceridwen, now thrust into the lives of the conquerors. Her divided loyalties spur her to summon all her courage - a courage that will be sorely tested as she defies both Saxon and Dane and undertakes an extraordinary adventure to save a a man she has never met. Ceridwen, a bold young woman caught between two worlds. Gyric, cruelly maimed by the Danish foe. Godwin, his brother, the Saxon lord who struggles both against the invaders and an unthinkable desire. And Sidroc, the Dane whose ambitions both thwart and reward. The Fate of all hangs in the balance in a single terrifying battle...

Jonathan Dunn contains two works by Jonathan Dunn The Forgotten King is a history of the Dark Ages, of the forgotten ages that followed the fall of Rome. Civilization did not collapse with the Roman empire, however, but grew again on an island nation off the coast of Europe. It was called Atilta, a land of ancient forests and great, maritime capitals. At this time, it was at war with itself as its people fought for freedom. Yet the freedoms they desired were contradictory: some longed to overthrow their tyrannical king, others their tyrannical God. It was a fight of forest against city, and nature against civilization; of man against beast, and beast against God. But whom was the victor? For the island of Atilta is no longer to be found. Yet its history remains, embedded into the myths and legends of an exiled people. This is its story. This is the history of The Forgotten King.The Revolutions of Time is a timeless science fiction / philosophical thriller. Its premise is this: Time flows in a circular motion, repeating itself in seasons that are much like a year on earth, similar time periods with the same general events. Because of these revolutions of time, the geological record shows not the immediate past, but the events of the last season or age, making the fossils and formations show by example what is yet to come. Jehu is transported to the end of his age by the mysterious Lord of the Past, and finds himself caught in the middle of a society at war over how to divert the Big Bang that is foretold by their geologists. What follows is, as they say, history.

AJ Barnhart

Starseed-- is freely available as downloadable chapters consisting of Microsoft Word documents. Strange things have been happening to Ross Keppler. Memories he's never experienced, habits he's never developed, skills he shouldn't have, entranched paranoia and schizophrenic visions are but a few. He thinks it's all inside his head until it comes to face him face-to-face in a war to save the human race.36 Hours by Barnhart is set on April 23, 2004. The sun creeps over the sleepy spring valleys of the American mideast. Americans go to work, go to school, go to baseball games and parties and bars. The world is peaceful, serene. Nothing could go wrong. In 12 hours, a third of America's population is dead. Another 12 hours, two thirds are dead, and the survivors are fighting for their lives. In another 12 hours, the world's population has been all but massacred. A story of brutal action, shrieking horror, gut-twisting drama and passionate romance. As with Barnhart's previous work it is available as MS Word documents download.

Jeremy C. Shipp

Jeremy C. Shipp has given the world five novels free on-line: After School Special. Opening up a restaurant in a haunted house with a man-eating fridge, a giant rat, a mute hobo, etc…has never been so strange; Coyote. By Joshua and Jeremy Shipp. Cryptozoology meets native american mythology. Oh, and there's nudity. Lots of nudity; The Spiritual Key. In a world of power and magic, Dolphi has neither. But yeah, he's still got to save the world. Oh, and there's an elf who fights and recites poetry in her sleep. Naked; Spirit Masters. In contemporary Japan, a group of teenagers are given the power to save the world. It's like the Power Rangers, only not horrible; The Night Trees Trilogy. A teenager has to save the world by cutting down a bunch of evil trees. Meet Johnny Appleseed's evil twin...only not evil.

Jack Brackitt

Jesus in Chicago-- is one of the free online novels by Jack Brackitt author of Mom Letters now brings us this free downloadable ebook, a novel modern adaptation of the Gospel. It retains the original chapters and verses, but it replaces Jerusalem with Chicago, moves the timeline up to present day, and modernizes the language. He also has his book Mom Letters still available. This comedy novel (squeaky clean and very family friendly) reports on a Chicago family’s life in one year. It’s funny, but the author says, it's three percent insipid. Anyway, there’s a lot about life in Chicago – what it’s like to ride an L train, walk through the Loop, eat at hole-in-the-wall restaurants, etc.

D M Arnold

Earthbound-- has grown from a single free science fiction novel by D M Arnold to a series containing four free online novels. The pages are well designed and easy to navigate. In Earthbound, Nykkyo Kyhana is an ordinary hero with everyday problems who just happens to hail from another world -- one founded when a future Earth space mission fell into a black hole and emerged thousands of years in the past. Nykkyo finds himself on present-day Earth with a boss, a job that's a grind, a wife who doesn't understand him, not to mention a high-maintenance girlfriend on the side. He falls in love with a woman, whom he discovers is his own distant ancestor (as well as an ancestor to the man who founded his homeworld) thus his love for her risks upsetting future events, thereby jeopardizing his own existence and that of the people in the past.The Lexal Affair (vol II)is the second work in which Nykkyo adjusts to living in New York with Sukiko and her parents. Meanwhile, homeworld authorities begin to suspect his friend Andra is an accomplice in a plot to arm a rogue colony with weapons smuggled from Earth. Nyk is asked to travel there and bring Andra to justice. Upon arriving he discovers himself in the midst of a civil war, and he and Andra must run for their lives. In the third volume Planetbound (vol III)Nykkyo proposes marriage to Sukiko as her due date approaches. Nyk's vindictive ex-wife Senta informs homeworld authorities of his involvement with an Earth woman -- something expressly forbidden. He is confined to his planet (planetbound) and forbidden forever from contact with the woman he loves. In his efforts to exonerate himself, he discovers irrefutable evidence that his rightful place is on Earth with Sukiko and as a stepfather to her child. However, the same evidence also proves Sukiko has less than a year to live. Nyk must test the power of his love against Death itself. The latest addition to the chronical, The Altian Plague (vol IV) Nykkyo is now a widower living with his mother-in-law and his stepson in New York City; and, he carries an incredible secret about Sukiko's death. He learns another of his offworld colleagues has succumbed on Earth to a mysterious illness. Nyk suspects the virus is of alien origin -- a biological terror weapon developed by a separatist faction on one of the colonies. He teams up with his biologist ex-wife to develop a vaccine in a race against time before the separatists can unleash their plague on an unsuspecting world.


The A.R. Yngve Homepage-- Read these free SF, thriller and fantasy novels by Swedish writer-artist A.R.Yngve. Titles include THE ARGUS PROJECT, TERRA HEXA, DARC AGES, and ALIEN BEACH. Updated weekly with new chapters. Richly illustrated.

Inez Ponce de Leon

The Literary Gallery-- Inez Ponce de Leon, author of three online novels, wrote her first novel at the age of 11, and worked on new ones continuously, always dwelling on the themes of love, friendship, and the supernatural. With The Literary Gallery, she has created a well-thought-out and beautifully designed collection of her works. More than just written words, her pages include many maps, drawings and character studies. She has written numerous poems, short stories, and novels to date, included are The Guild her greatest undertaking ever, and the Domus Aurea her soon-to-be first published work.

Roy L. Pickering Jr.

Enigmas of Desire-- Eight beautifully crafted short stories by award winning author, Roy L. Pickering Jr., gathered together in one collection. Pickering captures in words that inscrutable complexity of the interplay between sex, love, and lust. He allows the reader to thoughtfully ponder the mystery of love, from contemplated adultery to infatuation to playful role-playing in marriage.This anthology is featured at the website of epublisher: Roy Pickering's Patches of Grey is another diverse collection of his short stories including excerpts from the author's first novella and his debut novel.

Jamie Hollabaugh

My Corner of an Unknown Realm-- by Jamie Hollabaugh. A Collection of Works that Teachers Hated and Students Loved -- From Short Stories to Poetry. (Frankly, I read one of the short stories and quite liked it -- a little macabre and mysterious. Jamie also has a Serial in progress with 4 chapters up and 12 chapters soon to be completed.

Avram Cohen

The Avram Cohen Mystery Series -- mysteries, written for the pleasure of anticipation in the desire to know what happens next. You'll learn something about modern Israel (and even a little ancient) when you read an Avram Cohen Mystery, but most of all you'll learn about Cohen. Novels by Robert Rosenberg

S. D. Youngren

Rowena's Page by S. D. Youngren includes a continuing series of short stories about a young woman, Rowena, who finds her way around her job, endures her family, and somehow falls in love.-- mostly funny stories, but sometimes serious

Greg Swann

Greg Swann Writes -- Tons of stuff including many short stories, essays, novel excerpts and two complete novels

Charles E. Weindorf

Mudsox Personal Publishing-- home page is a library of science fiction and fantasy works by Charles E. Weindorf. The stories range from a few hundred words in length to free online novels with more than 100,000 words. Four novels: Reign of the Gray-Eyed Kings, Prophesy of a Memory, Perfection's Design and Progression Anthology by Charles E. Weindorf

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The Original Cyber-Book (published on-line in 1995)

New to Cyberbooks!NOW also published in Japanese by Fuso Publishing!

The Magic Life - A Novel Philosophy-- A motivational novel about living life to your own expectations, by Ace Starry. Finalist in the 1998 Hemingway First Novel Competition.

James Carpenter, is living his life trapped in a strait-jacket. An accountant by profession, he has done well by it. However, like many, he is learning the hard way that the security of having all the toys doesn't necessarily bring happiness. James is living in a mediocre state of discontent, but that is about to change. After a disturbing nightmare, he meets a mysterious magical mentor named, "Maximillion Vi." Max uses his power of illusion to create a world in which James will either learn to overcome his nightmare or die.

The book reveals the plot (both mystery and love story) while teaching a philosophy of life to the readers much like The Way of the Peaceful Warrior or The Celestine Prophecy. It also reveals many other profound secrets to help us discover who we are, what we are capable of and how to live life to the fullest. It is almost spiritual in nature and borders on the metaphysical at times, teaching a philosophy rooted in Eastern religion, but not blatantly religious. This book deals strongly with the power of coincidence. If you believe there is a reason for life, you should read this book. It is about how "living life" is the answer to the question of life. It is about discovering not just who we are and what we are capable of, but most importantly, why we are? For More Info and To Order


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